Knowledge Transfer Programme (KT)

The Knowledge Transfer Programme (KT) is a three year scheme worth €750 per year to each farmer. The scheme builds significantly on the Discussion Group model and is designed in such a way as to ensure the farmer and advisor engage in one to one discussion on key aspects of a farmers’ business such as profitability, environmental sustainability, breeding and herd health. As experiences to date have shown that there are significant benefits to group meetings each participant will be required to attend a minimum of 5 knowledge exchange meetings/4 meetings and one national event, facilitated by a DAFM approved advisor.

All participants will also be required, following one to one discussion with the advisor, to complete a tailored Farm Improvement Plan (FIP) involving a:

1. Profit Monitor,

2. Carbon Navigator/Sustainability Management Plan,

3. Herd Health Plan (in conjunction with a veterinarian), and

4. Breeding Plan.

Additionally over the period of the programme,  advisors will be required to hold one meeting on Health and Safety with a recognised expert in attendance and a further meeting with a qualified Veterinary Practitioner in attendance. The FIP will be completed by all participants as part of one to one consultations with their approved advisor. The herd health element will be developed in conjunction with a qualified veterinary practitioner.

Carton Rural Consultants have set up groups and acting as facilitators all over the midlands and farmers will be able to join a discussion group in their local area and increase the profitability on their own farm as a result.




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